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Nov 10, 2023 Karaoke With Juanita

Karaoke nights are a fantastic way to unleash your inner rockstar, enjoy the company of friends, and have a great time. However, like any communal activity, karaoke comes with its own set of unwritten rules. Navigating the world of karaoke etiquette ensures that everyone has a good time without any sour notes. Let's explore some key Karaoke with Juanita guidelines to make your next experience a fabulous one.

DO: Respect the Queue

One of the cardinal rules of karaoke etiquette is to respect the queue. Most karaoke venues operate on a first-come, first-served basis. We always mix new singers into the existing rotation list to get things started quicker for everyone. Resist the urge to hog the microphone or cut in line. Waiting your turn not only shows courtesy to others but also contributes to a smoother and more organized karaoke session.

DO: Be Mindful of Time

Karaoke nights often have time constraints, and it's essential to be mindful of the clock. Respect the allotted time for each performer, usually measured in songs or minutes. If the venue is busy, keeping your performance within a reasonable timeframe ensures that everyone gets a chance to shine.

DO: Support Your Fellow Performers

Whether you're a seasoned karaoke enthusiast or a first-timer, supporting your fellow performers is a crucial aspect of karaoke etiquette. Applaud and cheer for others, regardless of their vocal abilities. Remember, karaoke is about having fun and not a competition. Positive reinforcement creates a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for everyone.

DO: Adjust the Microphone

Before launching into your chosen song, take a moment to check the angle you're holding the microphone to ensure it suits your comfort and singing style. You should hold the microphone so that the top is pointed directly at your mouth. Pull the microphone away when you need to sing louder, bring it closer when you quiet down. This will make you sound better without us having to continually adjust your volume.

DO: Mind Your Volume

While enthusiasm is commendable, it's important to be mindful of your volume. Adjust your singing intensity based on the song and the ambiance of the venue. Avoid overpowering the microphone or singing too softly, striking a balance that complements the overall experience. 

DON'T: drop the microphone! 

Everyone thinks it’s cool to do the mic drop after singing a song they feel they did well on. Unless you’re in the movie 8 Mile (and you’re not) I don’t recommend this. We will get mad and quality equipment is not cheap. We paid good money for the microphones and other equipment. Be smart, hand your mic back and go sit back down. If a mic drop is that important to you, feel free to bring your own... or better yet some inflatable microphones (like these ones) for everyones safety ;-) 

DON'T: Join Someone on Stage Unless Invited

When someone is singing there is no reason to go up and interrupt their performance unless invited by them. Some people might not react very nicely either. Be smart, let people do their thing and just sit there and enjoy yourself. While we are believers that karaoke is often more fun when performing with someone, it is always up to the person who's turn it is if they have a singing partner(s) or not. As a side note, if you are in a group where there is that person who may have imbibed a bit too much and starts to wander towards the performer because "OMG, I love this song", please try to rein them in.. TIA ;-)

DON'T: Grandstand when you get the microphone

When handed the microphone at karaoke, it's essential to resist the temptation to grandstand before launching into your chosen song. The purpose of karaoke is to create a fun and inclusive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy, not to showcase your stand-up comedy skills or share a lengthy personal narrative. Grandstanding can disrupt the flow of the event, making others impatient to hear the music they came for. Remember, the spotlight will naturally shine on you when you start singing, so there's no need to steal it prematurely. Keeping introductions brief and focusing on the music ensures that the karaoke experience remains enjoyable for everyone involved, fostering a positive and harmonious environment for all participants.

DON'T: Constantly ask the KJ "When am I up?"

Every once in a while is understandable. Remember, the next few singers are always displayed in the scroller on the screen. Try to pay attention to that and see if you are going to be up soon. We understand if your considering calling it a night and want to know if your 7th on the list or 37th, but otherwise check the scroller. 

DON'T: Forget to Tip

Tipping your server is a gesture that acknowledges and appreciates the hard work and dedication of those who ensure a pleasant dining, drinking and karaoke experience. By tipping, you are not only expressing gratitude for good service but also supporting the individuals who strive to make your dining experience enjoyable. It encourages a positive and respectful relationship between patrons and service staff, fostering a better atmosphere for everyone. Tipping is a small yet impactful way to recognize the efforts of those who work tirelessly to enhance your time at a night of Karaoke with Juanita.


Karaoke with Juanita is all about creating an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved. By following these suggestions you'll contribute to a memorable karaoke experience for all. We love our singers and supporters and want to make everyone feel welcomed, supported and accepted as much as possible. So, warm up those vocal cords, pick your favorite tune, and let the karaoke magic begin! 

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